Waved Albatross Courtship Ritual – Galapagos Islands

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In the Galapagos Islands, two male albatrosses dance with one another, vying for the heart of an onlooking female.

Magical worlds of unspoiled nature exist around every turn in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands. But of all the wonders I witnessed, the Waved Albatross courtship ritual was definitely the most memorable. During the courtship dance, the males create different combinations using certain set moves. All the males (they usually congregate) are doing the same moves, but in different orders. It's quite an odd sight to behold. The moves include things like bobbing their heads back and forth, or sword-fighting each other with their beaks. My personal favorite is when one starts to chatter his beak rapidly, as if he was shivering. Then, the other usually responds by lowering his head, then shooting his beak vertically skyward with a loud clicking noise. It's downright hilarious, and almost no one can stifle their laughter the first time they see it, especially if its unexpected. I highly recommend you search for a video online!

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