The Rocks of Schoolhouse Falls

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Nestled deep within Panthertown Valley, North Carolina, is the beautiful Schoolhouse Falls. This photograph showcases the stunning granite which forms the base of the waterfall.

Schoolhouse Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in North Carolina’s Panthertown Valley. The locals know this waterfall well, but doesn’t have much of a wider renown. In this photograph, I tried to highlight the exquisite granite that forms the waterfall. Specifically, I tried to capture a large vein of different rock within the main granite, and have that vein lead the eye from the foreground towards the waterfall. If you look, you can see the vein going straight through the main foreground stone. With an open mind, you can kind of see what I was going for. But I just couldn’t get it to be a prominent feature of the photograph… it just couldn’t compete with the drama of the beautiful waterfall itself.

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