Muir Woods After Rain

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The redwood forest in Muir Woods, California, glistens in saturated colors after a deep dowsing of rain.

Muir Woods is a sacred place in the hearts of many. It’s almost a religious experience when you witness the towering redwoods for the first time. But unfortunately, the towering giants are all many tourists ever see. The path leads you straight to the old growth trees in Cathedral Grove, and as such, many tourists just go in to the grove, then out. The forest has so much more to offer, though. There are so many long hikes, so many quiet streams, so many peaceful scenes to witness. Take this scene, for instance. While not far from Cathedral Grove, it’s already much quieter. And though the trees are smaller, their deep red color is still exquisite, complementing the landscape in a way that no other tree on earth can.

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