Golden Gate Bridge And Presidio At Dawn

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California’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, seen at dawn, connects San Francisco to the Marin Headlands.

This is one of those photographs whose composition caused me some concern. As I was taking photographs to stitch together in a panorama, I kept taking more and more. Each additional photo seemed to have something interesting in the frame to add to the overall image. The result is a panorama that is longer than I usually like, but I can’t bring myself to cut anything out. I love the rightmost portion, because I think it’s important to see the edge of the peninsula, where it meets with the vast Pacific Ocean. But I love the leftmost portion even more, with a unique perspective on the Golden Gate Bridge, and the beautiful city of San Francisco at sunrise beyond it. So the what results is a quite skinnier aspect ratio, but that’s okay. A famous photographer once said the frame should include everything required to complete your image, but nothing extra and unnecessary. Looking over this photograph, that’s how I feel about it. The view is stunning, and it needs to be taken in in its entirety in order to make maximum impact.

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