Crystal Cavern – Gljúfrabúi Falls in Winter

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Iceland's Gljúfrabúi Falls is adorned with beautiful icicles and other ice formations in winter.

Gljúfrabúi Falls lies in the south of Iceland, an intimate waterfall right next to the more famous Seljalandsfoss. While exploring Gljúfrabúi, I couldn't help but notice the similarities to America's Oneonta Falls. They are both relatively small but beautiful waterfalls that lie at the end of thin slot canyons. However, while the trek through Oneonta Gorge is somewhat lengthy, the slot canyon that leads to Gljúfrabúi is very brief. I'm no geologist, but couldn't help but think about reasons for this. Perhaps it's due to the stronger nature of the rock here in Iceland. However I believe that both areas are of similar volcanic basalt origin. Perhaps it speaks to the younger age of the land here in Iceland, relatively recent in term's of Earth's history. Or perhaps it simply speaks to the younger age of the waterfall itself. In Iceland, the landscape is constantly changing due to the high volcanic activity. So it's quite possible that the paths of water flow are also constantly changing.

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