Constitutional Light – Mount Constitution on Orcas Island

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A tranquil scene during evening light in the forests of Mount Constitution, on Orcas Island, Washington.

My time on Mount Constitution, and the San Juan Islands in general, was far too brief. Everyone told us that ascending Mount Constitution and taking in the view was a necessary part of our stay. But they also cautioned us that the view can be shrouded in clouds, so plan ahead and stay flexible. Flexibility was something we didn’t have, since there was a lot we were trying to cram into our short stay on Orcas Island, such as sailing, kayaking, hiking, and dinner at the Red Rabbit Farm (an amazing experience). As such, we only made it to the top of Mount Constitution as an afterthought. When our sail ended and the sky was still clear, up we went. It was already late afternoon, so we didn’t have long due to constraining dinner plans. Even so, on way back down, I couldn’t resist stopping at a quaint roadside patch of forest that drew my eye. The lowering sunlight filtered beautifully through the trees, highlighting the forest’s moss and saplings. I was only here for probably ten minutes and didn’t expect to get a keeper, but the scene was so perfect that even my rushed mindset couldn’t hold it back.

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