Best of Buds – Galapagos Marine Iguanas

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Two cozy Marine Iguanas share body heat while basking in the sunlight on the rocky shores of the Galapagos Islands.

Marine Iguanas are incredibly common throughout the Galapagos Islands. Despite being commonplace, they are still one of everyone’s favorites. It’s so captivating, almost funny, the first time you see them swimming around the rocky coast, trying to eat the algae while the waves keep trying to pull them away. It doesn’t seem like the most peaceful way to eat a meal, but they are so close to the jagged rocks that it’s probably pretty safe from predators. The beach, however, is a different story. Wide open spaces and high visibility don’t exactly make for a safe refuge. So the iguanas rely on safety in numbers. And in addition to the beach providing ample sunlight for these cold-blooded reptiles, they are more than happy to recycle each other’s body heat, too.

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