Walking the Walls – Castillo de San Marcos, St Augustine

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Tourists walking the sea walls of Castillo de San Marcos, in St Augustine, Florida.

A lot of my friends in Florida say something similar: “Florida doesn't have enough history!” I'm not sure where they get this idea, because Florida is full of history. It might feel “new” when you only stay in South Florida, but Florida is home to the nation's oldest continuously inhabited city (of European origin): St Augustine. The city kept changing hands throughout America's pre-revolutionary history (and after). Nations desired the city because of its extremely strategic position. It's near proximity to the gulf stream, the main shipping route back to Europe, made it crucial. The fort pictured here, Castillo de San Marcos, protected the trading and naval ships (and defended against the pirates). It's the oldest stone fort in the continental United States! How is that for history!

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