Tidal Patterns In Biscayne Bay – Miami, Florida

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At sunset, low tide reveals beautiful wave patterns in the sand. Located in Biscayne Bay, right outside of Miami, Florida.

Low tide on tidal sand-flats such as this can be hit or miss. Sometimes, the tide simply reveals bugs and foul smells. But other times, low tide reveals fantastic patterns in the sand, which have been slowly forming all day underwater. And a nice thing about South Florida: unlike California, you are free to explore the land that low tide reveals without concern, because if the tide rushes back in on you, your greatest risk is probably returning home with a wet pair of shoes. The seas are friendlier here, which is both a good and bad thing. It makes exploring and immersing oneself in nature more safe and carefree. But it does this for everyone. In Biscayne Bay, sandbars like this have become quite difficult to explore in peace. They have instead become havens for aquatic party-goers. But if you look hard enough, and have a little insider knowledge about where to look, solitude can still be found on these sandbars.

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