The Sweetest Wind – Florida Everglades Sunset

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A beautiful Florida Everglades sunset brings total peacefulness to the vast sawgrass prairies that dominate the landscape.

You probably can’t tell from the photograph, but this beautiful Everglades sunset was accompanied by an amazing breeze. Not too strong – just strong enough. Not too cold or too warm, but the perfect temperature. It was a little hard to stop the grasses in the foreground from getting blurry in the waning light, but that was a small price to pay. The way the wind enveloped me as I was standing on top of my car to take this photo… it carried me away, mentally. It made it impossible to not love life. The beautiful scene probably played a role in that bliss, too. I’ve titled this photo after a line from a Ryan Adams song: “the sweetest winds, they blow across the South.” It’s probably not about Florida, seeing as the song is titled “Oh my sweet Carolina,” but nevertheless I often find myself singing it in my head during these perfect Florida breezes.

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