The Moment – Silver Run Falls at Dawn

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Silver Run Falls is a beautiful waterfall near Cashiers, North Carolina, pictured here at dawn. Silver Run Creek will soon join the Whitewater River on its descent down the Highlands Plateau.

This area of North Carolina is often referred to as the land of waterfalls. Indeed, they are everywhere. And not just small “technicalities” either, but beautiful, unique, memorable waterfalls. Silver Run Falls is one such waterfall. It doesn’t have an extraordinarily large volume of water flow, but it has an exquisite shape and setting. It’s well loved not just by tourists, but also by locals going out for a picnic. Just downstream of this waterfall, the Silver Run creek joins up with the Whitewater River. As the Whitewater River continues to descend down the Highlands Plateau, it creates the much more famous (and bigger) Whitewater Falls. I actually took this photograph many years ago, but filed it away as not worthy of developing further. But mere coincidence brought it to my eye again, and this time I quite liked it. I love how the sun is just cresting above the riverbed atop the cliff, and how the sunlight is ever-so-slightly kissing the edge of the waterfall.

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