Textures of Antelope Canyon – Arizona Slot Canyon

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In marveling at the beautiful shapes in Antelope Canyon, one often overlooks the stunning textures of the sandstone walls themselves.

Antelope Canyon is one of the most beautiful, but also most photographed, places in Arizona. As such, I sought to bring back a photo that did something different. Tons of photographs of Antelope Canyon convey one-of-a-kind uniqueness, but it’s really only on the surface. For example, the “sand waterfalls” that fall down the walls. Those aren’t natural, but rather the guide throwing sand onto a ledge. Or the beautiful sun rays piercing through the canyon. Those are natural, but only happen on certain hours of certain days of the year. On these days the canyon is a throng of tourists. That’s not the vibe of the canyon I wanted to experience, or bring home with me. So as I wandered through the canyon, with photographs everywhere, composing every type of shot, I noticed that none of them were focusing on the walls themselves — at least not up close and personal. These sandstone walls are incredibly beautiful, so I tried to create a photo where they play a starring role, conveying both the sense of ancient structure as well as constant erosion.

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