Sunset over Biscayne Bay

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This photograph is simply beautiful, and I really can't take credit for it. There was really no great skill required in taking it – just a point and shoot basically, of an exquisite sunset over Biscayne Bay. No tough brightness differences to bring under control, no unique creative composition. For these reasons, I didn't really plan on displaying this photograph much. But when people saw it, they loved it, quite repeatably. So I've taken their advice and now display it prominently, and indeed it sells well. While I don't feel any great pride over taking this photograph, I believe the simplicity attracts people to it. It's just a simple, staggeringly beautiful sunset, and I happened to witness it. Actually, I guess there is one thing I can take credit for. If you look closely, the big dramatic cloud is actually two clouds. You can tell by the faint darkness change about halfway up the cloud. I waited until they lined up, and liked the shape they took together.

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