Stay Awhile – Summer East Bay Sunset

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A beautiful ancient oak tree overlooks the rolling chaparral landscape, and the city beyond, from high up in the hills of California’s East Bay Area.

I came across this tree while hiking in the hills of the East Bay Area. When I saw it, it seemed like it was telling me to stay awhile. It offered plenty of shade, a nice break from the still-strong setting sun. It offered a nice place to sit, on a giant boulder underneath. But best of all, it offered one heck of a view. An unobstructed vista of the California’s whole Bay Area, and plenty of rolling chaparral too. Not to mention, a front row seat for the sunset. I couldn’t stay that long because I wasn’t familiar enough with this park to hike in darkness, but I wanted to! Yet the title of this photograph doesn’t only reflect what I thought when I saw this tree. It also reflects the tree itself. It looked like a very old tree, and so has undoubtedly “stayed awhile” itself. But drove that message home, for me at least, is the way the tree grew around the boulder. It may not have been the easiest path to adulthood, but this tree would not be deterred… or moved!

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