St John’s County Ocean Pier At Sunrise

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A quiet sunrise at St Augustine Beach, Florida, with shells in the foreground at St. John's County Ocean Pier in the background.

I liked the idea of photographing the pier at sunrise, but my real motivation for shooting this angle was to try to capture the reflection. I love it when you can capture reflections on the beach. To me, they look different than the standard water reflections like in a puddle or mountain lake. The thin layer of water on top of the sand seems to give it an almost shiny quality. It's almost like a metallic photo print, whereas a normal reflection is a normal glossy print. Now as far as metallic sandy beach reflections go, this one obviously isn't much. But then again, there wasn't much in the sky to reflect. What I like about this photo is that the beach gave a reflection despite all the shells. It shows how gentle and thin the waves were, turning the sand into a wet canvas without disturbing the shells.

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