Spirit of the Canyon – Antelope Canyon, Arizona

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Photograph of Antelope Canyon, Arizona, and its beautiful tortuous sandstone walls.

In this photograph, I attempted to capture the intense spirituality of Antelope Canyon. The native Navajo have considered this a location of utmost spiritual importance for generations, and it’s easy to see why. In person, you cannot help but be struck by the immense power of nature. But conversely, just as striking are the minute intricate details which emerge from the power. And the fact that even though it is ancient, it has been constantly changing, and is still doing so visibly right before your very eyes, like an open book of the continuity of time. It represents the big and the small, the old and the new, the fast and the slow. To try to capture all of this in a photograph is a feeble endeavor, but nonetheless I do feel that this image conveys some of what makes Antelope Canyon so special.

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