Skógafoss From Above – Majestic Iceland Waterfall

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Skógafoss, a massive waterfall in Iceland, plunges off the cliffs of South Coast, near Vik.

On our first day in Iceland, we went straight to Vik, only stopping at the must-see destinations along the way. Skógafoss was one of those. The reason for our haste was that Vik itself has some good destinations too, such as the black sand beach Reynisfjara. And of course, I wanted to catch that beach at sunset. Last but not least, we were also racing weather. Well, we did not beat the weather. It wasn’t unsafe driving (that came the next day), but it was enough to make the destinations near Vik rather unmemorable. Well, not unmemorable, just unpleasant. Clouds settled in, as did 50 mph winds, making me unable to even open my camera on the beach. It’s hard to believe that the weather change was so abrupt (although we were amply warned of this fact). We had near-perfect weather at Skógafoss, only a few hours earlier! Had I know just how crummy it would get, I would have spent more time exploring and enjoying this majestic waterfall, and its beautiful surrounding landscape.

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