Simple Sunrise – Sunrise Over St Augustine Beach, Florida

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Beauty in simplicity describes this peaceful sunrise over St Augustine Beach, Florida.

My wife and I went to St. Augustine over Memorial Day weekend for a short getaway. I had wanted to photograph sunrise from Anastasia State Park, the place where my parents got engaged. Unfortunately, you can’t get in before dawn (unless you are camping there, which was not in the plans for this trip). However, we discovered that nearby St Augustine Beach was accessible pre-dawn, so decided to photograph there instead . Close enough! I had feared that the sunrise would be quite boring, since the sunsets had been completely cloud-free. But a few clouds had built overnight, over the distant horizon. It wasn’t enough to create a drama-filled scene, but was enough to add a bit of intrigue. Instead of being an onslaught to your vision, it was instead subtle tranquility that made you focus on your other senses. I tried to find a simple foreground to complement this feeling.

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