Silicon Valley At Dusk

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At sunset, California's Silicon Valley is truly beautiful. The towering mountains of the Diablo Range in the distance dwarf the daily life in the valley.

This view from Skyline Ridge puts things in perspective. San Jose, California (the heart of Silicon Valley) in the foreground shrinks when compared to the Diablo Range beyond. The whole landscape was lit up by a beautiful sunset glow, but I was especially drawn to the cloud line dividing the city and the mountain peaks above. I was descending from taking photographs in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which form the western boundary of the valley. While driving through fog, I rounded a bend and was suddenly under the fog, and presented with this view. I loved looking at the fog line on the Diablo Range, because it precisely mimicked where I was. It was sort of like looking in a mirror. It also seemed somewhat metaphorical, with the fog separating two worlds. Above the fog, time slows and worries melt away. In the world below, however, time keeps moving faster and faster, taking you with it.

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