The Rapture – Calero County Park

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The lush green hillsides of Calero County Park look like pure paradise, but in reality the dense fields of thistle were not very welcoming.

This photograph was taken in Calero County Park (Santa Clara county, California), in early summer. This sort of scene is actually quite fleeting, or at least was this year. There's only mere weeks when the wildflowers have faded, but the grass is still green. Just a few days after this photo, the grass will turn the golden-brown of summer. Beautiful in its own way, but I prefer the lush green pictured here. This photograph was taken a few days before the fabled “rapture” that was supposed to occur in 2011. Walking through the landscape was kind of like my own personal rapture, with the beauty of the rolling hillsides whisking me away into a personal heaven.

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