The Power Of Spring – Kolugljúfur Canyon, Iceland

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Kolufossar Waterfall, in Kolugljúfur Canyon, showcases its power, fueled by spring snow melt.

The Kolufossar Waterfall and Kolugljúfur Canyon area is among the deadliest places in Iceland, and after visiting I understand why. The waterfall is very accessible, and in addition, the cliffs are very sheer. Many small ledges allow the visitors to get closer and closer, and it's hard to realize when you've gone too far. Furthermore, the intensely powerful waterfall generates a lot of mist, keeping the rocks perpetually moist and slippery. And of Iceland's many powerful waterfalls, to me this is the one where the power is most “in your face.” At most of the other waterfalls, you're either viewing the falls from above or below. Here, you can get face-to-face with the rushing water, and it's truly mesmerizing. On this sunny day in late winter/early spring, you could feel the snow melting underfoot. All this snow melt supercharged Kolufossar, turning it into a hypnotizing display of power.

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