Point Reyes at Sunset

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Point Reyes National Seashore, California, seen at sunset on a rare clear day.

I’ve read that Point Reyes is the foggiest place in the United States. Funny enough, it’s been clear every time I’ve visited! This photo is from the hike to Chimney Rock, which is probably the most iconic view in the park.
I love this view because it exemplifies the combination of rolling meadows and sheer cliffs that makes Point Reyes famous. These hills are a beautiful green in spring, but the dry grass of summer is nice too – the landscape seems to match the colors of sunset. I must say that although it wasn’t foggy, it was still among the coldest I’ve ever been. It was a hot summer day on the mainland, so I came unprepared. The wind was about 50F, and it was blowing nonstop. I most certainly left with a runny nose, but it was worth it.

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