Pipers and Tankers – Key Biscayne Florida

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This photograph was taken in Bear Cut Nature Preserve, on Key Biscayne, Florida. I love taking photographs here because its one of the few areas of true wilderness that is within the immediate vicinity of urban Miami. And when you visit, you can immediately tell that preserve is working and the ecosystem is healthy. Wildlife abounds everywhere. The most visible inhabitants are the birds. Almost any type of Florida bird can be seen in the preserve. I've seen ospreys, hawks, and all types of egrets and herons. Pelicans are another common sighting. In this photo are some of the less exciting finds, but still beautiful in their own way: sandpipers and ibises. There are, of course, some other lumbering giants making their way through the water in the background. That's one thing about photographing in Bear Cut: it's hard to avoid the fact that you are on Key Biscayne, right in the middle of a giant metropolitan city. While the nature preserve is true wilderness, artifacts of man do tend to creep into your photos, be it an airplane, a city skyline, or in this case, container ships.

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