Peaceful Winter Scene At Godafoss, Iceland

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Winter landscape at Godafoss, one of Iceland’s most iconic waterfalls, seen here in its rarest form: empty.

I’m sure the locals in Iceland know all the secret spots to get away from the crowds. And equally important, have the equipment to get there. But as a tourist, it’s hard. Crowds are everywhere. To get photos without visible people, you either have to be the annoying person elbowing your way to the front of the crowd, or spend hours cloning them out in Photoshop. For for some reason, this time was different. And it was even at Godafoss, one of the most iconic landmarks in Iceland. At the top vista lookout point, there was indeed a throng of tourists. But down here, requiring only a tiny bit of butt-sliding (nowhere near enough to usually keep people out), it was empty. It is absolutely crazy how peaceful Iceland can be, when you’re the only one there. Even this waterfall, among the most powerful on Earth, oozed tranquility when viewed in solitude.

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