A Moment In Time – Peaceful Rovinj Street

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A quiet street meanders through historic and ancient Rovinj, a small town in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.

This is not the typical type of scene that catches my eye. But then again, Rovinj is not a typical town. Rovinj, which is along Croatia’s Adriatic coast, is one of the most beautiful, most romantic, most “cleansing” places I’ve ever been. Everyone you meet on the street is so friendly. All the architecture down even the most hidden alley seems exquisitely crafted. But these are not what felt cleansing to me. What felt cleansing was the perception that this is how it has always been. And how it always will be. Now, I’m sure that’s not true. Any city this old has undergone countless dark eras. Nevertheless, in Rovinj time seems to stand still. Or rather, it seems to simply not matter. The town seems cohesively united against the rat race of the rest of the world. And it was very contagious.

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