Peace and Drama – Captiva Island Sunset

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Father and son fish as a dramatic Captiva Island sunset fades over the Gulf of Mexico, on Florida’s west coast.

Florida’s Gulf Coast sunsets are my favorite anywhere. They never disappoint me. I’m sure there are plenty of duds, but I’ve never witnessed them. I thought this night was going to be my first dud, because as I was getting my camera gear together, it was still completely overcast. But as I was driving down Captiva Island to the public Blind Pass Beach, conditions started to improve. The storm seemed to rush offshore, as if it knew it was time to assume it’s “sunset position.” And as I sat on the beach, watching the clouds shift through the color spectrum as the sun disappeared further and further below the horizon, life was good. It was about to get a little worse though, as unbeknownst to me my car’s battery had decided to die, keeping me at the beach for two hours longer than intended.

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