Path to Saint John’s Fortress, Kotor

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The view of Kotor Bay, Montenegro, from along the hike to St. John's Fortress, is one of the most beautiful views in Europe.

The trek to St John's Fortress, high above the town of Kotor Montenegro, is strenuous but worth it. The small church pictured here is located at about the halfway mark. The town and surrounding landscape are beautiful from sea level, but take on an extra special beauty as you start to climb and gain perspective. The show “Game of Thrones” is filmed in nearby Dubrovnik (Croatia), but in my opinion Montenegro did an equal or better job of thrusting me into a fantastical ancient mindset. Kotor Bay is incredible for the way that the jagged mountains descend steeply right to the water's edge. Such a landscape feature would make you think that the bay is incredibly deep, but it's actually quite shallow. It's a canyon carved by rivers long ago, underwater now due to sea level change (known as a Ria).

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