Orange on Green – Sally Lightfoot Crab

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The bright orange Sally Lightfoot crab contrasts against the rock's green algae, in the Galapagos Islands.

These Sally Lightfoot crabs are everywhere in the Galapagos Islands! They're not found only on these islands — they are pretty much ubiquitous across the New World tropics. However, whenever I'd see them in the past, it was a cool and noteworthy sighting. In the Galapagos, you quickly tire of them, because they are literally everywhere you look. I took this photo when I was still intrigued by the crabs, before I got bored of them. But nevertheless, the photo has had staying power for me. It's not so much about the crab as a neat wildlife finding, but rather as a beautiful color contrast against the green algae on the rocks. Not so much a study in zoology, but rather a study in color.

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