Old La Honda Road in Fall

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The winding Old La Honda Road, located hear Palo Alto, is a great place to find fall color in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

This is Old La Honda Road near Palo Alto, California — a local favorite among bicyclists. The steep ascent and many curves make it very strenuous, so the bikers use it for time trials. But it also makes it very dangerous when cars and bikes meet, so make sure you drive slow! Many transient inhabitants who don't leave the city think that this area doesn't really get fall color. I think this misconception may be due to the temperate mediterranean climate, but it does get cold enough up in the mountains. A more legitimate concern would be that these Santa Cruz Mountains are mostly evergreen forests. A lot of pines and redwoods. Also a lot of live oaks, which don't turn either. But if you know where to look, there are pockets of hardwood trees that do turn color. In these small areas, the autumn show is as beautiful as anywhere else!

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