New York City Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge

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Downtown New York City shimmers in the sunlight, as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge with iconic bustling taxis underneath.

I was visiting family in New York City, and didn’t have much to do during the day while they worked. So I took my camera and set out to explore the city. I didn’t have a particular place in mind, but my wanderings took me through Manhattan and over the Brooklyn Bridge. When I turned around, I was stuck by the beauty of Downtown Manhattan’s skyline. The early afternoon sun and the clear blue March sky made the buildings shine like diamonds. I took a few photos, and then noticed in one of them a yellow taxi cab had passed through the frame. The taxi was obscured by other cars, but I really liked the idea of including the New York City icon. So while this photo may look like an unplanned candid, in really I sat there for many more minutes until a taxi passed by un-obscured.

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