Massive Hollow Cypress – Ichetucknee River, Florida

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A giant bald cypress, whose trunk has been hollowed out over the years, stands watch on Florida’s spring-fed Ichetucknee River.

This massive hollow cypress resides on the Ichetucknee River, in Northern Florida. The Ichetucknee River is spring fed, and its water is crystal clear and incredibly beautiful. When I stand on the shores, the clarity and color of the water mesmerizes me endlessly. So much so that I almost don’t even notice the beautiful trees beyond. But when you drift down the river, it’s another story. It’s the trees and forest that steal the show. I think this is because the water quickly gets repetitive when you’re in it, or maybe because when you are so close to it, the reflection prevents you from seeing through. Either way, your eyes definitely fixate on the incredible flora on the river’s shores. The age-old bald cypresses are some of the most interesting trees that exist anywhere. A lot of them were logged, as cypress wood is valuable for its water resistance (no surprise here). But some of them escaped that fate, like the giant one pictured here.

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