Very Lush Array – VLA in New Mexico

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The Very Large Array, near Socorro New Mexico, is seen in rare lush form after a monsoon.

New Mexico is very a good place for a radio telescope like the Very Large Array. Because the atmosphere is so dry, it doesn't interfere with the radio waves as much. This is why most large telescopes are in deserts or on tall mountains. But unlike some deserts, New Mexico's Chihuahuan Desert does get its share of monsoons in summer. The scene pictured here was after a string of several such storms. I headed down to the VLA from Albuquerque hoping for some interesting skies, not at all knowing that I would catch a glimpse of the normally-barren landscape teeming with new, green life. The landscape was so lush that for a few minutes, I even forgot that I was there to shoot the VLA!

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