Logan Pass in Summer – Glacier National Park, Montana

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Logan Pass, atop Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, provides glimpses of winter, even late into the summer months.

As this image was buried for a while, I’m writing this caption almost ten years after I took this photograph. And yet, the magic of this moment is still crystal clear in my mind. My friend and I went to Glacier National Park in mid summer, so there wasn’t exactly much snow around. In fact, snow wasn’t even on our mind at all. As we drove up Going-to-the-Sun Road, we were awestruck by the panoramic beauty that surrounded us. But then when we got to the top and rounded a bend to take us into Logan Pass, we seemed to go back in time… but only by about three months. Instead of being in the throes of summer, it was more like late winter or early spring. There was lots of snow cover, and spring wildflowers trying to burst through everywhere. Adding to the magic was the fact that wild mountain goats and Dall sheep were all over the place, presumably congregating into the little remaining snowpack. Hiking on the snow was also great fun for us Florida boys… with several comedic wipe-outs along the trek.

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