Life’s Turns – Wise Old Cabbage Palm

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This old cabbage palm tree, found in Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area, is an expert at getting back up after being knocked down!

Most palm trees grow straight up. That includes the Cabbage Palm, the type of palm tree featured in this photograph. So when you see one with a significant bend, it’s usually because it fell or leaned during a storm. If the tree makes it through the trauma, it then starts growing straight upwards again. It’s crazy to think about what this old cabbage palm, which I found in the Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area near Palmdale Florida, has been through. I can’t even recreate in my mind how many storms had tossed the tree over the years, and in which directions. This tree has definitely seen some stuff, that’s for sure! And these palms grow very slowly, so this could have been going on over centuries!

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