Land Of Enchantment – Rainbow Over Sandia Mountains

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A double rainbow and golden virga over the stunning Sandia Mountains provide a good justification for New Mexico’s motto, “Land of Enchantment”.

“Land of Enchantment” is the state motto of New Mexico. It is truly a fitting motto, what with the state’s remarkable sunsets, storied history, and phenomenal geology. Truth be told, I came away with many photographs that deserve this same title. There is enchantment around every corner. But if one scene deserved the title above all the others, this was it. As a summer monsoon swept through Albuquerque, I set out with my camera, racing the sunset. I found my vantage point – the base of the dramatic Sandia Mountains – and was just in time for one heck of a light show. The sun dipped below the clouds, and lit up the virga (rain which evaporates before hitting the ground) as if switching on a light. Then appeared the brightest double rainbow I’ve ever seen, seemingly only a hundred yards away. Combined with the golden foothills and towering Sandias, I felt like I was on the set of an epic movie. It was one of those experiences that sticks with you forever, whether you photograph it or not.

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