Lake Como at Dawn – Gem of Lombardy

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Lake Como, Italy, wakes up under a beautiful cotton-candy sky at sunrise.

Lake Como is sometimes referred to as “The Gem of Lombardy,” and it’s easy to see why. The location is truly a rare and unique combination of natural and cultural beauty. There are other places in the world where stunning mountains steeply descend to beautiful pristine lakes. There are other places in the world with quaint small towns, each replete with ancient history and hidden treasures. But there’s not many other places in the world that combine the two so perfectly. It’s also a location that seamlessly combines the dramatic with the tranquil. On this peaceful morning, the tranquil side of Lake Como shown through most. I’ve often heard the term “cotton candy sky,” but never really felt like it applied until I witnessed this sunrise. It felt like a symbol for all the many various types of beauty that this unique location embodies.

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