Jungle Paradise – Manuel Antonio National Park

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Sunset caps off a beautiful day at Manuel Antonio National Park, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

Manuel Antonio National Park is a magical place. In some parts, it feels downright suburban, but in others, it feels like you’re a million miles away from civilization. Some of the coastline is crowded and cosmopolitan, but other parts are raw and untouched. I like this photograph because to me it portrays both of those feelings. Although this stretch of beach is not that remote, the dense jungles and mountainous backdrop can sure fool you into thinking that it is. The miles of untouched forest and rocky coast show no sign of human intervention. However, the sand itself (the most transient part of the landscape!) is what betrays the popularity of this beach. The footprints going to and fro, flirting with the waves, show you that while this beach may be wild and natural, it is also well used and well loved.

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