Hraunfossar Lava Falls in March

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Water flows through the porous volcanic riverbanks in the Hraunfossar waterfall in Iceland.

March is an interesting season at Hraunfossar. This portion of Iceland is rather low elevation, so the landscape’s snow and ice have mostly melted away by March. On the other hand, the brilliant green grasses and tree leaves have not yet revived. Therefore, one might reasonably consider this the least attractive season to view Hraunfossar’s lava falls. However, the waterfalls themselves, incredibly mesmerizing and beautiful, are at there most unobscured and unrivaled. You can clearly see the exact details of their structure, including how the glacial melt water seeps right out of the porous volcanic riverbanks. I’ve never seen a waterfall like it. And while some green grass or stunning icicles may have made this photo prettier, it also may have made me overlook what makes this place truly unique.

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