Greener Pastures – Andrew Molera State Park

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This might not be the type of scene that most people associate with California’s Big Sur coastline. The stereotypical scenes tend to be jagged coastlines and famous bridges. But for those that love the region and spend significant time there, the inland mountains are just as cherished. Take this scene for instance, from Andrew Molera State Park. These hillsides may look like they belong in the interior of the state, but they are descending fast. If I were to rotate the camera just a little left, you’d see the Pacific Ocean within the frame. But instead, I chose to focus on the beautiful flowing emerald hills. They look like this only within a small window of a few weeks to maybe a month or two, at the rainiest time of the year. It’s amazing how quickly the coastal regions of Central and Northern California switch from thick, brown grass into lush green meadows, and then back again. It is perhaps the most beautiful time to see the region, but if you’re not vigilant, it will come and go without you even knowing it.

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