Great Egret Wading at Dusk

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A beautiful Great Egret, one of the Everglades’s most iconic birds, wades through the swamp, looking for dinner.

Great Egrets are, in my opinion, one of the most elegant birds. This Great Egret was no exception, standing perfectly still in the dusk sunlight. All around it the Florida Everglades was erupting with boisterous activity, every animal to find one last meal in the daylight that remained. As a kid, I used to watch these birds hunt lizards in my front yard. The way they can stay perfectly still for many minutes is remarkable. Or sometimes, they even wobble their head a little, if the breeze is rustling other plants nearby. It was far cooler to watch this egret hunt in its native habitat – gazing relentlessly under the surface of the water, and moving slow as a stone so as to not spook any fishes.

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