Graspus Graspus – Sally Lightfoot Crab

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The Galapagos Islands’ nearly iconic orange Sally Lightfoot crab has a fitting scientific name: Graspus graspus

The Galapagos Islands are overrun with wildlife in general, but especially one creature in particular: the Sally Lightfoot crab. These crabs are everywhere. And they are very pretty, too — a bright vibrant orange. When keywording a photograph of wildlife, I always look up the scientific name, if I don’t already know it. When I found out the scientific name of the Sally-Lightfoot crab, I chuckled a bit. Graspus graspus. What a fitting name for a crab, grasping at everything with its claws. Especially these crabs, that constantly walk around picking at algae on the rocks. It seems like an almost comical scientific name to me!

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