Golden Hour Off Florida Coast – Dawn in Fort Lauderdale

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Off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, moments before sunrise the dawn lights up the sky a deep gold.

I've seen a lot of sunrises, in my pursuit of landscape photography. But sometimes, it's my wife's idea. This was one of those times. She wanted to wake up early and watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, something we don't do often enough despite living minutes from Fort Lauderdale's beach. Every time we plan a sunrise, she asks what time we should get there… five, ten minutes before sunrise? No way! At least an hour, I say. Sunrise is great, but I prefer the moments before. The way the light changes, slowly at first, then building into a crescendo as the sun gets closer to the horizon. And the way this crescendo is mimicked by the increasing activity, both human and wild, as the world wakes up… it's just a beautiful time to be awake

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