Glen Falls – Western North Carolina Waterfall

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Glen Falls is a beautiful multi-tiered waterfall on North Carolina’s Cashiers-Highlands Plateau.

This is one of my oldest photographs on this website. I took this photo well before I really started experimenting with unique compositions. Before I really started injecting my own style into my photographs. It is, quite simply, just a photo of Glen Falls. Nonetheless, it’s a good photo. I’ve culled most of my older photographs, but I kept this one. Just by happenstance, I got the lighting quite right. It is soft enough to give the photo that “temperate rain forest” feel that embodies the Cashiers/Highlands area, but bright enough to highlight some of the bouncing water. Same with the exposure. Long enough blur some most of the water into a delicate filigree, but short enough to still capture the motion and power. While most aspects of this photo are less “intentional” than my most recent work, it still captures the personality of the waterfall quite well.

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