Fire In Night Sky – Aurora Borealis Over Hvammstangi, Iceland

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The Northern Lights shine bright over a small church and graveyard in the town of Hvammstangi, Iceland.

The churches of Iceland have a renowned reputation. But unlike other countries where churches are known for beautiful artistry and architecture, here they are known for the opposite. They are all basically the same size and shape, and rarely have any distinguishing feature. Every little town has one, even if its only home to a few people. What makes them so beloved (or at least did for me) is not their own personal beauty, but the beauty of how they meld into Iceland's variety of landscapes. So when I looked for a foreground to photograph the Aurora Borealis, Hvammstangi's small church was a natural choice. I love the way the church sinks into the mountains behind, while also pointing at the Aurora above.

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