Fire and Ice at Pescadero Beach

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Iceplant succulent catches the light of a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean, along California's Pescadero State Beach.

Iceplant is a small succulent that is an iconic part of California's coastline. Their leaves can be anywhere from green to red, and their flowers can be anywhere from yellow to purple. They are very beautiful, but unfortunately they are becoming quite a problem. They are not native, and were introduced in order to slow the soil erosion on the coast. However, they are having the opposite effect. Being succulents, they retain quite a lot of moisture, preventing it from entering the soil. This makes the soil drier and dustier, and more easily eroded. However, their beauty at least partially redeems them. This photograph from Pescadero Beach showcases how stunning they look with a little sunset backlight, turning ice into fire!

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