Exploring South Florida’s Wilderness – Father And Son Kayaking

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Father and son kayaking in boat, exploring the wilderness of South Florida together on Whiskey Creek.

When I was wading through Whiskey Creek in Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park, it brightened my heart to see a father and son kayaking past. It’s so crucial to instill a love of wildlife in younger generations. And there’s no person better suited than a parent. Perhaps surprisingly, South Florida is actually fairly good at this task. It’s very common for families to take out a boat and fish or snorkel. But most of this indoctrination occurs out in the open water — the oceans and bays. These shoreline mangrove forests are much less sought out, seeming messier and buggier. However, they are incredibly crucial to our greater ecosystem. It is estimated that 90% of Florida’s commercial fishing industry relies on these mangroves in one way or another. They definitely need champions.

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