Fairy Lake – Bridger Range, Montana

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The mysterious colors and whimsical mist of Fairy Lake, in Montana’s Bridger Range, likely played a role in its naming.

Of all the photographs I took at Fairy Lake, I felt this needed to be the eponymous one. You can clearly see how the place got its name, with the magical waters and the equally magical forest. The magic of the scene, to me, was due to two things in equal parts. Firstly, the color palette of the scene. The vivid greens of the forest meshed with the aqua blue waters of the lake in such a way that made the scene seem almost fake, almost like a movie prop. I kept thinking some magical creature would crawl out from the underbrush. Secondly, the mistiness of the situation really added to the aura. The way the fog clung to the lake made it seem like a bubbling cauldron, and way the trees leaned into it made it seem like they had gathered there as if for some sort of seance. Fairy Lake is located near Bozeman, in Montana’s Bridger Mountain Range.

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