Dubrovnik From The Sea

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Panorama of Dubrovnik from the sea. From this vantage, almost the entire city is obscured by the massive city walls.

The City of Dubrovnik seems to take on a different character depending on the perspective. From up in the mountains, the destination of the cable car, it looks diminutive and almost afraid. A small town, walled up to protective itself from the big unsafe world beyond. From on top the walls, it seems like a city of opportunity. You can retreat inward, to the safety of home, or venture outward to the infinite great beyond. But from this angle, viewing Dubrovnik from the sea, it looks downright imposing. I suppose this was the intent, since their enemies usually attacked from the water. But don’t let its ancient history fool you, this city is home to some of the most hospitable hosts I’ve met!

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