Dubrovnik City Walls and Inviting Adriatic

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From atop Croatia’s famous Dubrovnik City Walls, there is quite a view. One can see the historic old town, the beautiful Adriatic Sea, and the location of the “Red Keep”.

The Dubrovnik city walls are world famous, in part because they are the filming location for King’s Landing in the hit show Game of Thrones. But if one imagines Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast to feel anything like the show, they couldn’t be more mistaken. In the show, the location is often somber and ominous. But Dubrovnik is anything but. It is bright, vivid, friendly and delightful. And instead of some treacherous impassible ocean, this shoreline of the Adriatic Sea is beautiful and inviting, with both locals and tourists happily jumping in to cool off.

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