Dreamy Forest Waterfall – Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina

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Beautiful waterfalls, cloaked in mist, are one of the biggest allures of the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

This is a photograph of Silver Run Falls, near Cashiers, in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. However, even some locals wouldn't be able to identify it immediately. That's because the iconic view of Silver Run Falls is the one right when you first see it. It's more of an angled view, that shows the separation between the water and the cliff face. The view pictured here, although simpler, is rarer to see. You have to wade across the large (frigid) pond at base of the falls to get this straight-on view. It's easy enough to do, but nevertheless many people don't. The reason is probably because in addition to the iconic view being easier, it's also more interesting. Admittedly, this view shows less of the interest rock face which makes the falls so cool. But I do like it, for other reasons. It turns the scene from dramatic to intimate. It also draws attention to the source of the waterfall, above the cliff. I'm always intrigued by the headwaters above waterfalls. To me they seem beautifully mysterious… peaceful but fragile and precarious, as if full of pent up energy.

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